Gerardus Meijer

Gerardus Meijer

Your mission, vision and core values in a beautiful website!

Do you feel it's time to get your website online and share your gift in a bigger way?

Creating a website that expresses who you are —what you have to offer the world— can be difficult and overwhelming.

You may lack the time, inspiration and knowledge to actually get your site online. And maybe creating websites isn't your passion at all?!

Luckily it's mine!

I am excited about translating the core of who you are into a website, so you can shine online and and make the impact you are here to make.

With over 16 years of experience and after building hundreds of websites, I can be a professional help and guide for you.

Professional clarity

I help you clarify what it is you need — in clear and plain language. Translating your mission, vision and values into a website that perfectly matches your uniqueness.

Full support

I think along with you with everything related to your website. Think of email, hosting, security, search engine optimization, etc. So no more worries.

Easy to manage

An optimized, fast and perfect website — and you can easily update and maintain your content.
Google will love your website ;).

Who am I?

I'm a Dutchman, father of 2 kids, guide, coach, programmer, web developer, and much more.
I've over 14 years experience with building websites, webapps and custom web software. Read more about me >

What do others say?

"Gerardus react very quickly and to the point. He is patient with 'digital illiterates' - what may be called an art!"

Annette Donkerlo

"Gerardus is one of those pearls who has the ability to effortlessly translate your soul into your website. He truly is magic!"

Tamara Spaan

"Gerardus is a skilled and very accurate developer. Through his recommendations and experience an excellent website has been created that appeals to our customers, as evidenced by the responses we receive."

Coen Vreeke

Some examples of previous work

Below some examples of websites I've made. In the past 14 years I have created more than 250 websites, ranging from simple sites to complex websites and custom web software.

Where to start / what's next?

If you are wondering if we can work together, let me explain how I'd like to work with you.

To create your website we need three things: your passion, your ideal visitor and your design wishes.

First, I'd like to find out more about you and your passion. In other words: what is it that you like to put into your website. What is it you offer the world? Who are you and what is your gift?

Secondly, who is your ideal client, customer or site visitor? Like: what are the key demographics of the people you're trying to reach? What are they seeking, why do they come and visit you?

Thirdly, what websites (or part of a website) appeal to you and why? Maybe you have a strong preference for a certain color or layout?

This is where I walk with you. Together we discover these key aspects and from here create the magic!

Let's connect, have a chat or drink a coffee and see if we're a match!

Contact me >